The Rejection Therapy Trifecta: Classic, Blue Pill and Entrepreneur Edition.

Critical Stimulus is a simple method of psychoanalysis based on Carl Jung’s experiments in word association.

Wheatbin is open source project management software that combines Kanban methodology with the Law of the Harvest.

RSSPBRRY is a free and open source RSS feed reader.

Get the Picture with meditation posters by Sesshin.

The cards give a hint. You add the faith. God gives the answer. GOD DECODER.

If you have trouble sticking to a budget, try the NO Budget Budget.

Nerd Alert! It’s an SEO card game! It’s SERPs & Spyders.

Curb compulsive screen time and liberate your mind from smartphone addiction with iWITHDRAWAL.

IS IT TAXED? Use the search engine for sales taxes in Canada and get the answer.

Play away your cravings with Replayz, a game for breaking bad habits.

DuckDuckGo user? Get the best bang for the Duck at Duck Go Bang.

VOW OF NOW is a 30 day meditation challenge. Zen mind guaranteed, or your money isn’t refunded.

Meditate on This Book is a new way to meditate based on Zazen and a sad, sad story about cats.

JESUS IN BOOKS is a podcast about Jesus Christ.

Find out more about JASON COMELY concepts.